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I have used Bro Henry's computer service on several occasions for both hardware and software repair issues. It is important for a uni lingual English speaker like me to deal with people and companies with good business character. I have been satisfied with the repair options provided and the quality of the repair work accomplished. The repair costs have been reasonable and I have always felt that my valuable computer files have been safeguarded during the repair process. Communication is accomplished in English with the assistance of the friendly office staff and I also used my phone translator and WeChat to communicate directly with the technicians. This worked quite well. I also received some good computer related advice from Bro Henry and one of his technicians assisted me with the purchase a new computer. Things are not always as they seem for English speakers in a foreign country, and I wanted to be certain I was getting what I was paying for. I am please to recommend Bro Henry's digital services to English speakers in the Shenzhen area. - Bill Heinrich, Sales Marketing Consultant
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