When I was a child I was deeply influenced by my pediatrician father and pharmacist mother. I witnessed how they healed their patients and I admired them for being able to relief people’s pain.

When I was about 8 years old, I started dreaming of becoming a social service leader such as Karl Max, Friedrich Engels, and Lenin when I grew up.

However, I never turned to be one like them for many reasons.

Trying to be a thoughtful digital service guy, it means I need to heal the computers, smartphones, servers, all kinds of softwares, apps, as well as digital branding issues for companies. This makes me feel some kind of achievement as a servant leader…

During the last 10 years, because of needing to eye on the screens for long hours continuously, my eyes become worse and worse, whilst my glasses become thicker and thicker.

I kept asking myself – can I find a better way to balance and keep healthier?

I started collecting scenery photos and I printed them out in my office, hanging them in front of my desk.

Every time, when I feel tired, I looked at them, I could breath deeply for a relax as if I were there in the forest, walking along my favorite lakeside…

I now have about 1000 of these pictures…. I wish we could print them as free post cards and send to those we love so as to remind them to timely relax their eyes and also to keep their hearts healthy….

I would like to invite people to join this free postcard sharing movement, to slow our lives down a bit and keep well.

If you are interested, I can post you a few, so you can also put them in front of your office desk, and to practice 20-20-20 rules.

Let’s do together!